The Recommended Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

Carpets are certainly one of the most loved home accessories both in residential and commercial spaces. Not only do they effectively accentuate the entire space by adding colors and texture, they also offer functional purposes such as noise-proofing the room. In offices for instance, carpets provide effective friction to prevent slips and falls from the employees. Unfortunately, amidst all these positive functions, there is no denying that carpets can also be a depository of all room contaminants including dust, molds, and allergens. With this, regular carpet cleaning is strongly recommended to prevent the build-up of these contaminants, which can cause occupants or resident to contract diseases.

While vacuuming will definitely help get rid of the dust on the carpet, a thorough carpet is still required to fully eliminate germs that have been accumulated through continuous use. Moreover, carpet cleaning done by professional cleaning service providers also help preserve the quality of the carpet.

Carpet cleaning can be done annually, or more often for high soll rating of carpets. A full-blown home cleaning service will include inspection of the carpet, vacuuming, deep steam cleaning, brushing and grooming, and finally deodorizing. You see, these are the meticulous process that cannot be easily done DIY style, this is why we put extreme focus on quality services to make sure that you get what you pay for.

Worried about all the mess involved with carpet cleaning? No need to fret, because our carpet cleaning services are among the most efficient and seamless process that you can find. We strive to use low-water steam cleaning process, so you can be assured to have your carpet dried and ready for use within hours.  Unlike simple vacuuming, our cleaning solution goes deeper and finer into your carpet’s fibres, so all dust and dirt that were not removed by regular vacuum will also be eliminated. Another guarantee we provide is sleek, zero-residue carpet after our service. This is crucial in ensuring that you did not have your carpet cleaned just to be even more susceptible to dirt afterwards.

Our cleaning service guarantees not just clean and good-as-new carpet but also better air quality. By removing 90 percent of the bacteria that thrive in dirty carpets, you are assured that you will be breathing cleaner and healthier air after our service.

You can choose from three different packages of carpet cleaning services from us. First options is the Basic cleaning package, which we recommend for spaces with light traffic soll. This package includes the pre-inspection to brushing and grooming, and can be done at least once a year. For higher traffic soll, we recommend that protective carpet cleaning, which covers the protectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer for the carpet. This type of package goes beyond deep cleaning but also makes your carpet less susceptible to contaminants, which means the lesser need for professional cleaning in the long-term. Some carpet cleaning providers simply mask the odor of the carpet, what we can assure is totally eliminating any unwanted odor before deodorizing.

If you are in need of a reliable carpet cleaning service provider around Singapore, request for a quote through CY Cleaner website, and we’d be happy to walk you through your package options depending on your carpet usage and other cleaning requirements.