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Pre Move In or Move Out Cleaning Services Made Easy with CY Cleaner

When you’re ready to move in, you get your stuff packed, removed all the clutter and save the ones you need. The movers have piled them inside the truck and you find yourself ready to unpack the stuff. But, you notice the previous tenant has left a good amount of stuff inside and the place is still very dirty.

This is like the post-renovation mess left after a big renovation project for your home. Debris from the construction. Cluttered cut wood, broken tiles, spilt paint, and other stuff can be present which keeps you from moving in.

You want to clean it, but, you’ve wasted enough of your time already with moving-in or with the renovation. The cleaning job can be done by a cleaning service company in Singapore such as CY Cleaner.

Worrying about your stuff, the new place is normal for people looking to move-in to their new apartment or after a renovation was done. The cleaning service provided by CY Cleaners is flexible and will make the move much easier for you because you will arrive at a clean place when you get there. It’s easy to unpack stuff when you see that there is no clutter.

You can count on us to perform quality cleaning services when you need them. It can be as little as moving the things that you don’t own from the new apartment. You can also request a full house cleaning, so you arrive at a very clean new place.

Despite the new place being empty, there can be dirt and clutter ruining the overall look and feel of the new house. It’d much better if you contract cleaner to do the job for you. They can check the list of things to clean when they do it.

Many times, dusting is involved when you move in because the area might have accumulated dust during the renovation or the structure with no occupant for years. Cleaning and scrubbing the old/new kitchen, toilet, sinks, showers, and others is a top priority for movers because they want to come home to a good-looking interior of their new home. Vacuuming is also crucial to get rid of the allergens and small particles found on the floor of the new apartment or house.

CY Cleaners has the professional cleaners and tools to be able to deliver everything that you need when you want a post-renovation/move-in cleaning service in Singapore. It’s much easier to move if you have a reliable company to help you out.

The move-in cleaning will make your start in a new place a great one. The cleanliness of your new home is of utmost importance. Our services include scrubbing and disinfecting the whole place including the small sections of the place.

It’s much easier to move in when you arrive in a clean house. The stuff you packed can just be unpacked and you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty during the first day at your new place. The CY Cleaner post-renovation and/or move-in cleaning service can be scheduled right before you move, so you arrive at a clean and tidy new place.