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Spotless cleaning is brought to you by CY Cleaner in Singapore. We believes in working towards not only providing quality services to clients but also building relationships that last. It is why customers are treated to professional services each time.

All our cleaners have professional experience and can service anywhere in Singapore. We are trained to deliver excellent quality services each time. CY Cleaner boasts reliability and customer service to clients in Singapore

Our Cleaning Services

A full set of services is offered by CY Cleaner. Each task will be done by experts to ensure the high level of workmanship for each job. Services include: home cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, part-time house cleaning, post-renovation/move-in cleaning.

Home/House Cleaning

Home cleaning includes the hiring of professionals to do a regular general cleaning of our client’s house. People don’t have the time to clean their toilet, bathroom, ironing, room cleaning, kitchen, and even cleaning the grille.

Office Cleaning

For office cleaning, the trained cleaners from CY Cleaner will inspect the area to check what places need cleaning. Identify the kind of cleaning method to be used and using the right materials and tools to do a thorough clean.


Carpet Cleaning

Office carpets accumulate dust and can get stains from liquid poured down on it accidentally. Sometimes these things can greatly affect the environment of your house or room. Calling professional carpet cleaning services like us shall resolve that problems of yours.

Spring Cleaning Services

Spring cleaning is a thorough service that will cover all areas, even the smallest corner in the house, for cleaning. This includes clearing of unnecessary stuff around your home whether its an unused rug or an old curtain.

Part-time Cleaning Services

Part-time house cleaner is perfect for people who are busy and have little or no time to clean their homes. With our professional cleaners, you don’t have to take the responsibility of cleaning your house when you’re tired.

Post-renovation/ move-in cleaning services

Post-renovation or moving in to a new home can be a proud moment but it gets pulled down because of the dust and dirt that accumulated while the home is being constructed or the property didn’t have anyone living in it. You need a post renovation cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Service

CY Cleaner specializes in cleaning and clearing services for homes and offices within Singapore. We provide high quality services and reliably fast methods for cleaning due to our specialized knowledge in the field.


Our experience helps us know the kind of cleaning problem that you need. The workmanship of our cleaners is also dependent on the on-field and off-field experience they’ve gotten working for our company.

What Others Say About Us?

 Ruby Lim 



My thanks goes to CY Cleaner to help clean our old ancestral house. A full team of cleaners was sent and I would say they were very professional with it. Although the house was old, it felt like new because it was clean, smelled nice, and it looked like the safe living space that it was back when I was a kid. I'm thankful for their cleaners for helping with this task.

Feng Ying 



I have a studio room in the downtown area and I always hire cleaners from CY Cleaner. I've asked them to clean my room for 5 times and I've never been disappointed. Friendly, highly skilled, and efficient workers clean my house. I am never worried whenever I call them.

 Jacky YOng 



I don't really go to the internet to give my thoughts on a service. My work consumes a lot of my time and writing a review would never cross my mind. However, I had a really good experience with CY Cleaner. I booked a cleaner quickly through their website. My assigned cleaner arrived right on time. I was able to pay for the service even before it was done. I was also happy with how clean my room was. I'm giving them 5 stars for their service.

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Nobody should wake up to a dirty house of home. CY Cleaner is one phone call and email away so don’t hesitate to call us if your need to clean your house. No need to find another cleaner because CY Cleaner assures high quality workmanship with our professional services. Call us today to reserve your slot for cleaning service in the airport.

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