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Why your office needs housekeeping

Some people think that housekeeping inside the office means just dusting and mopping. Well, there’s more to it than that because the janitors and maids doing it strive to make the place safe and healthy for everyone working inside. It is important since management wouldn’t want their employees getting sick due to a dirty office space.

A bonus is when you have visitors to your office space they will be impressed on how clean it is. This makes doing business with partners much easier. The office should commit by allocating budget to hire a professional cleaner to do the housekeeping.

Prevent accidents

A clutter-free working area should be a top priority for any company. Aside from being free from materials just lying around, the place should also be sanitary. The top areas that need to be cleaned regularly are the storage rooms and servicing area.

Clean floors should also be maintained. The drainage system must also be properly maintained and clean to keep germs from spreading via loose water. Greasy areas should also be cleaned because they are susceptible to keeping bad bacteria.

Floor mats should always be cleaned to keep it from accumulating dust and dirt. The same goes for carpets inside the workplace. Carpet cleaning services should be hired so they can suck out all the materials that get stuck in between the hairs of the carpet.

Prevent fire

A professional housekeeping service will be able to remove fire hazards from your work area and keep it from accidentally blazing up. They will identify these materials and they will promptly remove it if it’s not needed.

Dust control

The problem with any space from office to houses is dust. It’s difficult to control with all the people coming in and out of the office. Hygiene quality is measured by the amount of dust present inside the space. Vacuuming and water wash is the way to do it.

Housekeeping rules

To help you out in keeping the working space clean, you should write down some rules. This should be fully-implemented and formalized to ensure that nobody violates it. Everybody should follow it by second nature. Your housekeeping would be easier to do if everybody works together. The professional office cleaners you hire will ensure that everything else is clean with no worries.


One-time cleaning service for offices

Offices house an organization/company’s operations each day. They conduct activities that would mess the whole office up. There are cleaning services available for one-time use which must be flexible enough to carry out the demands of a task.

Clients usually call the cleaning company to schedule a task on short notice. It’s a good service to offer for cleaning companies especially since many offices need professional janitorial services. Make sure you can contact a company that has this service.

A single cleaning job may require different kinds of task depending on the type of industry and size of the space/building. You should contact a cleaning service because its convenient and their professional cleaners are trained to handle toxic chemical cleaners.

An office might need cleaning if the tenants are moving in or out of the building. Professional cleaning is also required for hospitals or offices in hospitals to keep it safe and clean from viruses and diseases. Large retail stores will also require cleaning especially after a big event or a huge rush hour for discount season.

There are also offices that require a professional cleaner team to meet the standards set by the regulating body in the industry. These institutions will not be certified if they don’t pass a cleanliness test where a real cleaner can help.

Construction work might also require heavy cleaning due to the debris and other materials that remain from the construction work. Sensitive areas such as a data center, server, and other spaces that have electronic devices

As a client, you should be able to know the characteristics of your building, details of the structure, floor plan of the office, and the cleaning methods to be used for the whole structure. These require the number of windows, tables, and other office equipment for proper estimation of the task at hand.

Companies such as CY Cleaner provides a full suite of office cleaning services. One-time cleaning services is included on of their top services. This service is the popular choice of offices in Singapore who need instant cleaning service.

Whether you’re in the central business district or in other busy parts of Singapore, CY Cleaner can clean your office right away. You can book any time. And we’ll always provide the kind of top notch service you need to make your office look professional.


Shifting to a Minimalist Lifestyle

We’ve been hearing about this in various features and in social media – people advocating for minimalism as a way of life. This basically refers to living with less in order to live a more fulfilling life. To put it simply though, minimalism means getting rid of all the clutter, primarily material ones. This is also the reason why spring cleaning is getting more popular in Singapore, even if we do not necessarily have seasonal changes here.

As it is fondly told “less is more.” So, constant spring cleaning is one of the ways to make sure that we are getting rid of the excess in our living space. In a broader sense though, minimalist lifestyle goes beyond the material things. While this sounds enticing, shifting to a minimalist lifestyle does not always come naturally for some people. If you are however determined to get there, there are small steps that you can do towards being your own version of a minimalist.

You can actually start with a basic spring cleaning. If you it is your first time to do so, you may seek the professional cleaning service provider to help you through the process of spring cleaning. Through this, you will be able to practice the habit of letting go of things that have been sitting and occupying space for a long time. There are actually cleaning experts that can help in giving you a system for spring cleaning and regular house cleaning to make this less of a daunting task.

Another tip often given by successful minimalists is to start with the duplicates. Majority of us will definitely be guilty of this, and we won’t even realize this until we confront ourselves with our own stuff. Check out your stuff for redundant items, and keep the duplicate one in a box. Chances are you won’t even find yourself needing it within this period. After the a month or two, be ready to let go of this ‘duplicate box.’

In the long run, minimalist lifestyle is known to be one of the keys to a more peaceful lifestyle that is free of clutter, obligations, and chaos. It’s basically simplifying all things that govern life. Another step to living minimally apart from getting rid of accumulated stuff is being conscious enough to not acquire stuff that are not totally necessary. If you need any help from a professional cleaner, contact us today.



What to Consider Before Renovating

Renovation is both an exciting and exhausting process. There will always come a point in a homeowner’s life when we just see some areas for improvements or crave for a change in appearance, even. Renovating is one of the best and practical ways to achieve these changes. Aside from that, constant renovations will also increase the value of the property.

However appealing and practical it may sound, anyone who has gone through property renovations will tell you that it’s not an easy ride, from the construction up until the post-renovation cleaning phase. To help you prepare for your planned renovation, here are some of the things that you need to consider before starting the process:

  • A Storage place for your things

It is inevitable for some of your things to be displaced during the renovation process. While you can always move this to another part of the house (depending on the extent of the renovation), it is more recommended to simply have a temporary storage place for these things to provide you with enough breathing space while the renovation is on-going.

  • Temporary Living Space

From the start, make sure to assess whether the renovation will be affecting your living conditions. For instance, will all the dust reach your other living spaces? Some renovations make require you to temporarily leave your house to make sure a smoother and safer process. With this, make sure to find the right temporary place to settle in prior to starting the renovation process.

  • Post-Renovation Cleaning

This is one thing that many people do not prepare enough for. As a result, they end being too stressed with the post-renovation clutter. To help you better appreciate the new look of your space without having to worry about all the mess, find a trusted post-renovation service provider to do this for you. In CY Cleaner, we make sure that you will be welcomed by a completely livable space.

  • Neighborhood Courtesy

As a courtesy to the people who are living close to you, make sure to give them a heads up about the upcoming renovation. Constructions like this may be cause slight disturbance for the people within the proximity, so it’s best to be a good neighbor and inform them ahead about the renovation.

Nothing makes a renovation process smoother and more fulfilling than a prepared household. So make sure to take these into consideration for a hassle-free renovation. Let’s us know if you want to find out more about cleaning services in Singapore.

Why you should clean your new house

Moving in to a new home is a big step for any family. It means you are leaving behind a location that you’ve spent a significant time in. However short or long your stay might have been, you will always remember that place.

Although most families move in to a newly-built house, there are still a few families who buy a house or apartment in Singapore with a previous owner. This means you should start considering doing a thorough cleaning of your new house before calling the moving company to move your stuff from your old place to the new one.

If you’re up for it, you can do the cleaning by yourself. However, in many instances you might not be able to do a thorough cleaning on your own because of the many details that you should remember plus there’s the lack of cleaning equipment and experience.

Just mentioning the things to consider makes it clear that doing a thorough cleaning is a tough task to handle. No need to worry because you can always hire a cleaning company in Singapore to do it for you. As a Singapore cleaning company Let me outline some of the benefits when you do it.

Clean kitchen

Homeowners often say that the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where conversations between family members and guests often happen when there’s no special occasion. Bonding moments with your kid and spouse are usually done there.

Cleaning your kitchen to make it look pristine should be a top priority. Bleaching your kitchen surfaces and appliances is important to get rid of any unwanted germs. Washing the cabinet and pantry is also important to sanitize the whole area.

Clean restroom

Just like the kitchen, the bathrooms in your new home should be thoroughly cleaned as well. Aside from disinfecting it with bleach, you should also do a thorough wipe and clean to get rid of molds and mildew. You can even shine the pipes to make it look brand new.

Get rid of pet hairs

The previous occupants may have owned pets which means you have to check whether you can clean your new home of it. These can be potential allergens, so you need your cleaners to vacuum the place to remove any unwanted material.

Clean pipes and ducts

Cleaning the ducts and pipes in your home can be included in the cleaning service package of your professional cleaner. There might be organic material that accumulated inside which can only be removed by professionals.