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Our services cover all kinds of plumbing problems. We can fix any issue with our client’s water system or drainage system. These services can be availed through our SG1plumber.com website. The plumbing contract will include the scheduled visit and repair work that will be done. Here are our service descriptions in detail

Home/House Cleaning

Home cleaning includes the hiring of professionals to do a regular general cleaning of our client’s house. People don’t have the time to clean their toilet, bathroom, ironing, room cleaning, kitchen, and even cleaning the grille.

These services come in packages in terms of cleaning sessions, duration of cleaning, and weekly sessions. Clients have the option to take the cheaper options or the ones with the more elaborate service.

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Office Cleaning

For office cleaning, the trained cleaners from CY Cleaner will inspect the area to check what places need cleaning. Identify the kind of cleaning method to be used and using the right materials and tools to do a thorough clean.

We assure a clean, germ-free, and safe office after we’re done. All the regular cleaning tasks needed for any office shall be covered in our package. From vacuuming, wiping, emptying of trash bins, and cleaning cabinets and pantry we’ve got that covered.

Carpet Cleaning

Office carpets accumulate dust and can get stains from liquid poured down on it accidentally. Sometimes these things can greatly affect the environment of your house or room. Calling professional services like us shall resolve that problems of yours.

Instead of buying a new carpet, you can clean it squeaky clean with the CY Cleaner services. The service will be quick but still very thorough. We specialize on carpet cleaning whether it’s a heavy carpet or a small carpet.

Spring Cleaning Services

Spring cleaning is a thorough service that will cover all areas, even the smallest corner in the house, for cleaning. This includes clearing of unnecessary stuff around your home whether its an unused rug or an old curtain.

You can rely on us to clean out every nook and cranny of your house from dust, mites, and pollen. We will keep a checklist of the areas that haven’t been cleaned. Just schedule a spring cleaning service with us and we’ll make sure our cleaners will be in your home on time.

Part-time house cleaning

Part-time house cleaning is perfect for people who are busy and have little or no time to clean their homes. With our professional cleaners, you don’t have to take the responsibility of cleaning your house when you’re tired.

You can work and come home to a clean home. During the time you are away our cleaners will come in to clean your living space. They will leave after the designated time for cleaning clearing out dirty stuff, cleaning toilets and sinks, cleaning the grill, and other tasks that need to be done.

Post-Renovation/Move-In Cleaning Services

Post-renovation or moving in to a new home can be a proud moment but it gets pulled down because of the dust and dirt that accumulated while the home is being constructed or the property didn’t have anyone living in it.

These are perfect for people who are having a new construction project. They can rely on us to come in and make the place beautiful even after a construction was done. For those that are on the move, you can hire us to clean your new home before you even get to enter the property.

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