CY Cleaner specialises in offering part-time, spring cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and post-renovation service for establishments and residences within the Singapore area. Our company has been working in the industry for several years now.

Cleaning requirements are one of the most overlooked tasks in our daily operations, whether it’s your home or your office. This is why we have always believed reliable cleaning service as great help in making our day to day lives more comfortable. The same comfort is what we hope to extend to our clients in Singapore.

Our Story

Building a cleaning services company started out from our own frustrations as a family in having a cleaner that we can trust. Given the fast-paced place in Singapore, most homes and properties schedule cleaning of their spaces, usually done by a third party. This is the same practice that we have been doing for both our homes and offices in the past years. However, the service quality has not always been top quality.

This is why we have started creating our own team of trusted cleaners in the country to help us extend quality cleaning services to our Singaporean clients. When we started, we only had one goal in mind. For every client to be satisfied with the work that offers, at least until the next scheduled cleaning date.

Surprisingly, it was not as difficult as we expected to build the team and find the right people who share the same vision with us. We started providing training and seminars to our cleaning workforce to ensure the quality of services we provide. Every cleaner that we hire in the company undergoes the same training before being deployed.

As our company continues to grow, so does our reach to different clients in Singapore.

Quality Standards

Our clients expect neat and clean houses and offices from us, and we always deliver. With professional maids, cleaners, and helpers, we can assure that the cleaning job follows the highest standards. They are all well-trained and have a wealth of experience working in the industry.

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of the CY Cleaner service. We are working towards providing the highest quality service. We listen to our customers and address all their cleaning needs. No request is too big when it comes to us.

Not satisfied with the work that we do? We got you guaranteed with our service warranty. This means that we are ready and open to repeating the service for FREE! We would also be happy to receive any feedback from you about our services.

Service Coverage and Appointments

We cover all kinds of items, materials, and spaces with our cleaning services. Customers will identify the scope of the job our cleaners will be doing. You can expect the best service each time.

You can book us any time and our schedules are flexible. Book on our website or call us through our hotline to set an appointment. Our customer support team can also arrange for a flexible schedule that is most convenient for you.

We also cater to recurring cleaning services. This is offered for clients who want long-term engagement with us. You simply have to inform us about your preferred frequency of schedule in a week or month. For long-term contracts, we cater minimum of three months to one-year recurring services.

Interested to book for a cleaning service with us?

What are you waiting for? Simply send us your cleaning request. Schedule through our booking page and a customer support staff will get back to you ASAP to confirm your appointment with us.