House Cleaning Service – Professional Home Cleaning Services


House cleaning service is sought out in Singapore. Clients require cleaners that won’t leave your house until it’s spotless. This is important especially for homeowners that want a clean house when they come home from work.

Weekly house cleaning will get you a maid or cleaner assigned to your home. They will do the cleaning in your home each week. Rooms that will be cleaned shall be up to you whether you want a full house clean or clean just one section.

Regular house cleaning is scheduled during the time that you are not inside your home. Our cleaner will come in to your home while you’re not around and they will do the cleaning for you, so once you get home you’ll find that your house is clean. You don’t have to worry about our cleaners because we make sure that your house is clean and secure when we leave.

Part Time Cleaner Singapore & One Time Cleaning Service

Part-time cleaning services are also available for our clients. You get a part-time maid to do the cleaning and the chores in your house. They go to your home, do their job, and leave the same day after everything is set.

There are part-time cleaning services for your needs. Sometimes you might need a cleaner to clean up after an event you held inside your house. Your cleaner will be on standby and shall do their work once the party is over.

This is a preferred service for people having a house part whether its for a birthday, graduation, or any event where you invite a lot of people over. Our cleaners have a reliable method for cleaning which means they will not only leave your house at its cleanest, but they will also do it quickly, so you don’t even feel that your home was a mess a few hours ago.

Rates can vary depending on how big of a job our cleaners will have to do to get your home clean. We measure it by the length of time it takes to get your home clean according to your specifications. You will be assured of the cleanliness each time.

Large houses will require more man power or labor to get the cleaning done. We charge based on the size of the house. This includes the total area cleaned including both the upstairs and downstairs area if the house has two stories or more.

Bathrooms and toilets are the usual sections of a house that needs thorough cleaning. More toilets and bathrooms mean we will be charging more for the cleaning. However, you can be assured that we won’t leave the job until these areas are squeaky clean.

Additional items that require cleaning such as furniture, light fixtures, and appliances will also come into the charges. This can also include painted walls, ceilings, and other parts of the house that will require cleaning services.

All these services are available to anyone living within Singapore. The cleaning services can be scheduled for your convenience. You can call anytime of the week and our services are available during the holidays.